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After reading some interesting Internet fiction found on TV Tropes:…

I got to thinking about a part of its plot - and then I read an article about the same kind of thing going on in real life (the war of worldviews, not the writhing fused-biomass abomination).  

If it ever comes to someday people giving me an ultimatim - if someone grabs me by the collar and shouts at me to choose one path or another and that I cannnot combine the two as I do, I think I'd just look at the road marked "Science," then at the road marked "Faith" and I'd look to a little side-trail that few people bother to think about as a Grand Path to Truth anymore...   

I'd take that trail. That trail is called Art.

You see, for me, Art really combines a multitude of things.  Artists use science to a degree - I know from studying the visual arts that it's all about tricking the brain and thus knowing, just the tiniest bit, how the brain works (in processing vision).  In writing - language is a science... yet, starting a creative project is like diving into a Mystery. I have ideas, but I never know how they're going to turn out, so I jump on in as an act of faith and see where something takes me.  I feel like in that journey I find God enough that I don't have to go to church.   

I also firmly believe the addage that "Art is a lie that tells the truth."  And I know that I have gleaned deeper truths from enjoying certain known fictions than I ever would have "gotten" had they been told to me straight.  I think that is one of the great purposes of art - to tell people truths that they would never accept if they were not told in the form of art.  

So, taking a third option in regards to the Search for Truth... oh, yeah, I think I've been on the path of Art all my life, and it's where I always come back to, no matter where I wander.
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March 13, 2012


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