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I work in a variety of mediums and my works have a variety of themes. You'll find everything from painted found animal bones and other nature art to fantasy pieces, to original writing and even lots of fanart for some of my favorite things.

Random Favourites

My tastes are varied and, thus, I favorite a variety of things. Some things here are gifts to me, some things are fanart, some are original, and there are even some photographs here.


I don't really have any room on my walls for prints, and expect no one to ever get them for me, but I do like these. Think of this as a secondary Favorites gallery.



I am eating one of those chicken-shell tacos from Taco Bell.  Why, no, I never asked for a particularly long life. 
Beastiary Entry #1 - Gryphon
For my novel, "Malarkey and Belinda."  I worked up a series of color illustrations long ago, but since I am prepping the work for Kindle and I've since learned that Kindle's on-demand prints for paperkback does not include color printing, I've embarked upon doing an alternate set of illustrations in ink.  

Caligraphy pen and brush with Chinese ink and text done digitally.  
Golden Shoulders
Deer scapula / shoulder blades.   Kirin-like creatures, I'm not sure what exactly one would call them... just meant to be random creatures.   Meant to be shelf-sitters. 

Acrylic on bone. 

If you wish to own, make an offer. 
A Lovely Beast
...otherwise known as the Floof-Dragon.  Based on a previous painting I did of a weird, random creature.  Calligraphy pen and drawing inks.  


Empress of Bones
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, I go by Shadsie. If you want to know my age, I "live outside of time."

I am an artist of varied mediums, some of them unusual. My favorite medium is acrylic paint and I frquently use animal bones as a canvas. I find these out in natural places and meticulously clean them - I don't kill any of the animals to make my art, they're all just found.

Otherwise, I paint on canvas and paper. I draw, I sculpt a little and I even do a bit of digital work - in short, I work with whatever I can get my hands on and do a lot of experimenting.

I have an associate's degree in graphic design, but it hasn't seen much work. I have written fantasy novels that I'm seeking publication for and have not obtained yet. I self-published one piece on Kindle, A World of Rusted Dreams complete with illustrations, just to see what would happen with it. It's a quiet, strange little fantasy story about a pair of teenagers and their guardian-creatures visiting a city in a wild and barren world.

Otherwise, I am prone to becoming obsessed with various entertainments and will do fan art for such. My gallery is split between fan art, works on skulls and bones, artwork related to my novels, original misc. artwork and jewelry-making.

I am willing to take concrit on all works unless specified, even on older works for which I am too lazy to enable the new "critique" feature on.


Current Residence: Hyrule.
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Alternative, Various
Favourite style of art: Fantasy, Nature Art, Surrealism, Realism, Anime.
Operating System: Whatever I get my hands on.
Shell of choice: Hmm... something made of bone?
Wallpaper of choice: Painted animal bones cover my walls.
Skin of choice: No skin. Bone.
Favourite cartoon character: Vash the Stampede.
Personal Quote: I don't want a world where no one dies. I want a world where no one wants to die.
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola
So, since :iconslagpit: (aka Matt) is on a visit again, I've been playing around on his copy of Skyrim.  (My own file, along with his various Dovakin).  My character is a female Khajit named, predictably, "Shadsie" (although, after seeing some of the Khajit NPC names, my personal headcanon for her has her named "Shad'seh" or something to that effect, but she uses a pronunciation that she thinks is easier for the local Nords to handle).  

I finally adopted my first kid today... hooray!  I took in the beggar-girl, Lucia, of Whiterun into my newly-acquired Whiterun house.  Matt and I were making comments about the hypotheticals of raising a child in the dangerous land of Skyrim - how I have weapons on my walls and stuff.  We started talking about how I have the Wabajack in a weapons-rack, just blatantly there in the home that I leave my child in for hours on end when I go hunting. (For those of you who haven't played Skyrim, it's a magic staff with random-effects that I got from doing a small quest for the Daedric Lord of Madness.  The Daedra are these demi-god / devil entities that like screwing around with mortals and the Wabajack weapon does weird stuff.  When I've used it, the result is usually an electric spell or turning a goat into goo.  Matt says that it does carry the possibility of turning something randomly into a dragon).

So, we were talking about this and how children you adopt sometimes take in a pet - this turned into the idea of "What if my little girl gets a pet rabbit... and then decides to play around with the Wabajack that Mama TOLD HER NOT TO TOUCH and, suddenly, Whiterun is subject to a HOPPING DRAGON?!"    

(Sadly, no, that will not happen in the game) - However, I am thinking of making some kind of silly one-off joke panel comic about that. 

We also talked about how sad it is that one cannot bring home a dragon's skull after one has slain a dragon.  One can pick up dragon bone for selling and crafting purposes (I'm nowhere remotely near being able to make Bonemold Armor yet), but it's never the skull... We talked about how if I'd actually lived in Skyrim, I'd be trying to take home a dragon skull as a home-decoration.  After putting the game away for the night, I got this image in my mind of my character lugging home the skull of a dragon she's just slain with the stamina-meter groaning / that annoying "You are encumbered and cannot run" message in the corner.  She gets home to a puzzled Lucia and says "This is what your Mama does for a living, Pumpkin."  Cue the exhausted Dragonborn / Dovakin collapsing with a "Splort!"  and "Mama?"    

I bet if I keep up gaming and getting ideas, I could eventually do a whole series of little "Lucia and Mom-Cat" comics.   (For a game that came out in 2011 that I am seriously late to the fandom for). 


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GrayComputer Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
So what do you think of my contest entry for the Pit lovers Club?
Shadsie Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It's cute.  All the entries are quite nice. 
GrayComputer Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hey I drew a picture the pit lovers contest, Here it is! Angels to Goddesses and Goddesses to Angels
RubyDragonCat Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey thanks so much for the watch! Your ID is awesome and for some mysterious reason I pictured you with darker hair, idk why...haha I wouldn't be brave enough to put a real pic of me on my ID here. That's for facebook xD

I assume since you watched me you'll be reading the ALBW fic, whee! The title is pretty lame though...thought maybe you'd be able to suggest something better.
Shadsie Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I kind of skimmed to read later.  I'm trying to remember what roleplay it was... was it the one where I played a rather grumpy Hilda?  I had a friend (online friend I made whom I learned lived about an hour's drive away from me) come for a visit yesterday - second time we've gotten together - and was all tired last night trying to read it, so I gave up and slept.  

I've given thought to returning to Zelda Dungeon, but I don't know how welcomed I'd be back.  The last time I looked in so many names and topics had changed.  I just got Triforce Heroes as an unexpected Christmas present - so I can talk that there, I guess.  I also got my own copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening as a present, so I could give the borrowed game  back to my aforementioned friend and could say "Go ahead and erase my files if you need to."  So, time to create a second iteration of "Shadsie." I won't be replaying Skyward Sword for a while, since my buddy borrowed that from me.  

I hit the watch because I realize I hadn't been watching you should.  I'm on Facebook, too.  I'm not too secret on my real name here since I sign a lot of original works with it and I shill my self-published book.  Stacey Nordwall if you want to look it up, though I don't know who you are there.  I'm... pretty random on Facebook so far - I also watch people and places who are fountains of geek-memes, so I share a lot of those. 
RubyDragonCat Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, that was the one. You were Hilda. I still have my Mathias/Matt OC and "Thief Girl", who I gave the name Lilla. It's a reference to a Fire Emblem game I know you probably never played. The first one that was released outside of Japan for GBA, Blazing Sword. But it has no subtitle for the western release. It's just Fire Emblem. Anyway there's characters in it named Matthew and Leila, who are a couple and of the thief class. I think that subtle reference is the cleverest thing ever. This time I also gave a name to "Spear Boy" though.

Don't feel bad, I havent been around ZD in eons either. Dunno if I will go back...and I keep my facebook for irl people/family. I don't use it at all for online friends.

I saw that you got Triforce Heroes on your journal. Is it any better than Four Swords? I have the Four Swords virtual console thing that allows single player on my 3ds and I'm not that impressed with it.
Shadsie Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I've never played Four Swords, actually.  I wind up playing with my buddy Blender (23 Blenders) a lot, with a random online person to fill the roster.  It's cute.  It's very much an alternate universe of Hyrule, though, being this little kingdom of Hytopia that's obsessed with fashion and instead of the stakes being "darkness will cover the land forever, whahaha!" its' more like "People will be UNFASHIONABLE forever! - le gasp!"  Madame Coture reminds me of Edna Mode from "The Incredibles."    

Single player on Triforce Heroes sucks.  I tried it once on the lowest level and found it impossible to do one of the puzzles to pass - and it's very easy with other people / was easy with random online people.  You do pick t up pretty quick and random online people can be really great and cooperatve.  
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Tulpen-Teufel Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyo, I finally came around to drawing your prize for the Kid Icarus contest. c:
Hope you like it! :D

Contest prize - Viridi by Tulpen-Teufel
lilith-chan Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I figured out a trope we should add to The Great Desert Page. Genre Savvy for Link for knowing being nice to old people gets you free food and mention how in fairy tales refusing to help the elderly meant you would end up crippling yourself. Plus the guy who helps the old person marries the Princess... Hey, wait a minuet of forest here.
Shadsie Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
If you want to, you can go ahead and add that.  

I was skimming the fic the other day, and thinking of the remake I never kept up with.  Playing Hyrule Warriors, I think that Warriors Link's vision-animal would be a bull.  With the other warriors, he's a part of a herd.  He charges into enemies like a bull... and if I did anything where he were included, it would be a joke on how I "bullfight" a lot of enemies in waiting for them to reveal their weak points.  
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