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I work in a variety of mediums and my works have a variety of themes. You'll find everything from painted found animal bones and other nature art to fantasy pieces, to original writing and even lots of fanart for some of my favorite things.

Random Favourites

My tastes are varied and, thus, I favorite a variety of things. Some things here are gifts to me, some things are fanart, some are original, and there are even some photographs here.


I don't really have any room on my walls for prints, and expect no one to ever get them for me, but I do like these. Think of this as a secondary Favorites gallery.



Empress of Bones
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United States
Hello, I go by Shadsie. If you want to know my age, I "live outside of time."

I am an artist of varied mediums, some of them unusual. My favorite medium is acrylic paint and I frquently use animal bones as a canvas. I find these out in natural places and meticulously clean them - I don't kill any of the animals to make my art, they're all just found.

Otherwise, I paint on canvas and paper. I draw, I sculpt a little and I even do a bit of digital work - in short, I work with whatever I can get my hands on and do a lot of experimenting.

I have an associate's degree in graphic design, but it hasn't seen much work. I have written fantasy novels that I'm seeking publication for and have not obtained yet. Otherwise, I am prone to becoming obessed with various entertainments and will do fan art for such. My gallery is split between fan art, works on skulls and bones, artwork related to my unpublished novels, original misc. artwork and my jewelrymaking experiments.

I am willing to take concrit on all works unless specified, even on older works for which I am too lazy to enable the new "critique" feature on.


Current Residence: Hyrule.
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Alternative, Various
Favourite style of art: Fantasy, Nature Art, Surrealism, Realism, Anime.
Operating System: Windows XP
Shell of choice: Hmm... something made of bone?
Wallpaper of choice: Painted animal bones cover my walls.
Skin of choice: No skin. Bone.
Favourite cartoon character: Vash the Stampede.
Personal Quote: The more I learn about nature, the less guilty I feel about eating its creatures.
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Reading: Some thing in National Geographic about fish farms
  • Drinking: Beef Broth
Today in Pennsylvania, on June 2, 2014, at 4:00 pm the small black and white cat that owned :iconarknorth: and I passed into the Mystery.   

Welsper started out life as a feral feline until deciding that coming inside to be fed was preferable to be fed on the porch in cold weather, or at least that's how the story goes, since I did not come into her life until she was an established housecat. Yeah, that does make it about ten years, doesn't it?  She was a strange little cat, and probably the most fun cat I've ever lived with. She was named after a demon-character from the Japanese "Ah! My Goddess!" comic, and being a cheeky little demon rather fit her. Her tastes were many and specific.  No bells on toys, bells were evil.  So were circle-birds (ceiling fans). Fish catfood almost exclusively. The day I decided to share a little sushi with her was one she never let me live down. Everytime I got the stuff, a little nip of it became a required offering. Not much for catnip unless she got the super-gourmet fresh kind.  

She had some animosity toward me, at first, or at least standoffishiness.... it was clear to me that I was the invading woman taking "her man" away from her. She didn't much like being held by me (Bob called me "Elmyra" - if you don't get the joke, look it up),  but loved cuddling on Bob's lap and kneeding her little paws into his belly.  She got used to me in time, as I can do great ear-scratches. 

Her arch-nemisis was Santa Claus.  When we had to move homes, she was the last of us to be moved. I held the cat-carrier with her yowling and coming up on us was the local Santa on a firetruck that paraded through the town (we were forced to move at Christmas).  Santa honked his horn at us to give us some holiday cheer, not knowing that the honking spooked the cat into giving us... something else.  

She was there for me when I came home from the hospital after getting a kidney bruised in a falling accident straightened out.  After spending three days on an IV in noisy-beeping clausterphobic-land, coming home to my laptop on my own bed with  A CAT ON MY BED!!! was one of the happiest things ever.  

We took her out in the yard sometimes (actually our neighbor's) to get some sun and to eat some grass.  She had a habit of slipping away from us into neighbor's yards and under porches.  These times, she earned the affectionate insult: "Rotten Little Fuzzball."  

Welsper had interesting little habits, such as her "sphinx" position - laying with her paws crossed in a regal fashion. She'd give us a smug look when doing that, too. She was notable for tapping people's legs and knees when she wanted attention or food (usually food).  It was the most polite little tap, too.  No claws out, just a soft-paw tap-tap.   

Her age was showing in recent weeks and got to a point where the vet recommended we let her go.  

This apartment is going to feel so empty in coming days.  I'm going to go out to the yard to play my 3DS without a cat to watch over. No one's going to be orbiting around the island in the kitchen at mealtimes. No one's going to be begging my lunch from me with an imploring gaze or a leg-tap.  *Sigh.* 

Anyway, Welsper inspired quite a bit of artwork from me over the years that can be seen on my DA gallery.  I wished to showcase it here as a little digital memorial: 

The Cat CurseThe Cat Curse
Tradition holds that cats are magical creatures.  In ancient days they have been everything from benevolent to wicked and, even today, they appear in films and stories as little tricksters.  Those who have shared their lives with cats can attest to the animals having a special quality about them.  
Not all magic is good magic.  
My love and I live with a cat that's a bona-fide goddess.  We do not know how aware she is of the extent of her power, but if you don't believe in curses, this true story is not for you – or maybe it is.  Reading this series of events may make a believer out of you.
My household consists of Bob, Welsper and me.  Welsper is the fiercesome feline.  She can be best described as a quiet little cat, except in the morning when she wants breakfast or when the house is quiet and she thinks she's alone.  She cries loudly when hungry and loudly when lonely.

"The Cat Curse" an autobiographical short story with a touch of fantasy detailing Welsper's magical powers and their sway over our lives.  

Staff of Curses by Shadsie
The "Staff of Curses" a walking stick I sanded down and polished up fearing a sculpture in Welsper's likeness at the top.  

The Wandering Cat by Shadsie

A character for a story/series I started that never quite got of the ground/went where I wanted it to.  The character is a psychopomp, one specifically dealing with ghosts as opposed to one who helps souls enter a heaven.  The likeness is basically Welsper - as a snarky cat you'll meet on the other side. 

Second Floor RearSecond Floor Rear
It was a pleasant and downright boring evening in June when the Zombie Apocalypse happened.  
Bob and I had just pulled into the single parking space allotted to us in front of the sub-divided house we shared with other tenants we never bothered to get to know that well. Our apartment was the one on the second floor rear.  We'd been living there since winter and were still getting used to the place.  It sat across the street from a cemetery that had seen continual use for over one-hundred years.  
It's a peaceful place to walk in, really, when the corpses aren't popping up out of the ground.  
To this day, I haven't any idea how the fresher members of the undead horde were able to pop the lids on their modern caskets.  Those things are thick and pretty well-sealed.  We just watched as, among the dancing fireflies, people just started tearing their way out of the ground, the finery they'd been

This is a zombie story in which my household are characters.  Not directly inspired by Welsper, but she features as a prominent character.  Was written back when she was as fat and round as a bowling ball. 

:iconarknorth: has some of his own drawings and photographs of the "Rotten Little Fuzzball" around, for those who want to view his page.  

I already miss her.  


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Hey! Thank you so much for adding my Sparrot piece to your favorites! :love: So glad you liked it enough to do so. :nod: Thanks again for your support!
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I tagged you for a meme-- you don't have to do it if it's a bother of course. I had a few questions in there I was curious about.
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you have a wonderfull gallery of art!!!!inspring!!!!!thank you for posting such great works!!!!!!
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Hello! We've featured you for the month of August in the #skull-painting group! You may get a few requests from me for work that hasn't been submitted to our gallery yet and if you have anything new to add, just do so as you usually would and I'll make sure it gets to the Featured folder! :)
Shadsie Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

Sadly, I don't find as much fresh material as I used to, since I live in a suburban apartment now (strangely enough, a few skulls have found me on roadside walks, still)...

I do live next to a cemetary but... no... just no... though it has been joked about in my household. XD
aranea-designs Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! I love your work.

I live in the city too, but a lot of people online sell skulls, so I get those to paint. I've cleaned the bones from roadkill before too, but even that is difficult when you have neighbours close by!

LOL at the cemetery jokes! I work at a funeral home so yeah.. similar jokes!
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